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Getting justice after being hurt by defective work equipment

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

A previous post on this blog discussed how those who run construction zones and other work sites in the San Diego area have an obligation to make sure that the equipment at the work site is safe for workers to use. This oftentimes includes adhering to detailed state and federal safety standards.

Unfortunately, some employers and others in the construction industry do not see following these rules as particularly important and may, despite their better judgment, provide old, broken or modified equipment. In other cases, the employer may have just made an honest mistake or may have purchased a product in good faith that just turned out to be poorly designed or incorrectly manufactured.

While these machines may seem to work fine in the majority of cases, they are in fact extremely dangerous for workers and can leave an unsuspecting construction worker maimed, disabled or even dead.

Although no amount of legal action can undo a preventable accident, our law office is available to help victims of defective construction equipment and their families get back on their feet financially after a loved one dies or gets seriously and permanently hurt.

Even if it turns out the accident is mostly the responsibility of the worker, we can at least file a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of the worker or his or her family, as such benefits are awarded on a no-fault basis in California. These benefits can help with medical bills and will cover at least some of a victim’s lost wages.

In some cases, we may also be able to sue the business that made, designed or provided the defective equipment which caused the accident in the first place through a third party liability action. This can provide additional necessary compensation to victims and their families.



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