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Motorcycle safety starts with the motorcyclist

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcycle safety is very important for all riders in the city. Most people who ride motorcycles are mindful drivers who take safety very seriously. Still, it is a good idea for everyone on motorcycles to brush up on practices that might help them to get home safely at the end of every ride.

Even if you have been riding for a while, it is always a good idea to review basic safety points. Here are a few to consider:

Dress for the ride

Wearing the right gear is essential since it can directly impact your safety. Wearing clothing with reflective accents is a good idea at night since it can help other drivers to see you. Riding boots or shoes and leather gear are more than just ways to look cool when you ride. These items can help to keep your body protected if you are struck since they can reduce the chance of you suffering from road rash as you slide across the road.

If you are riding when it is cooler, make sure that you wear layers that aren’t too restrictive so that you have a full range of motion when you ride. Don’t forget to grab a helmet to keep your head safe if you do get into an accident. Plus, wearing a helmet could save you from having to pay fines since they are mandatory in California.

Review your motorcycle

You have to make sure that your motorcycle is in a condition to ride. Make sure that the tires have enough tread to grip the road and that your brakes can stop the motorcycle as needed. Check the lights to ensure that they are functioning. It is difficult to gauge the speed of a motorcycle, especially one that is stopping, so brake lights are a critical safety feature on these bikes.

Ensure you are ready to ride

You need to make sure that you are well rested and sober so that you can make good decisions as you ride. Alcohol and fatigue can have a negative impact on your ability to react to hazardous situations on the road, which could be deadly if you are on a motorcycle. On top of those, you also need to ensure that you aren’t distracted by anything since distractions mean that you aren’t giving your attention to your driving duties.

If you are involved in a crash while you are on your motorcycle, chances are good that you will need medical care. You might also need to pursue compensation for the damages.



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