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A friend’s dog could be the most dangerous dog

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Dog Bites |

Dog bites can happen anywhere at any time. It doesn’t even matter how big or small the dog is — or whether the dog belongs to a friend — any animal can attack unpredictably.

Considering the generally unpredictable nature of animals, dogs that belong to friends can be some of the most dangerous. Children and adults visiting the home of a friend, for example, could be taken completely off guard in the case of a dog attack.

3 tips to stay safe around a friend’s animal

There are few things that every parent teach their kids to do (and not do) when they’re around a dog, whether it’s a friend’s animal or another person’s animal. The following advice is excellent information for parents to tell their children.

Don’t frighten or disturb dogs: Don’t frighten any animal that doesn’t belong to you. Chances are, you don’t know the animal well enough to judge how it will react if you try to take its toys away, play with it while it’s eating or touch it while it’s sleeping. It’s always best to leave an animal to its own devices and to act calm around it.

Give dogs space when they’re angry: It’s easy to tell when a dog is angry or frightened. It will show its teeth, put its tail between its legs and it might even try to run away. When a dog is acting like this, always leave it alone and give it lots of space. When creating space like this, back away slowly while facing the dog.

Stand still like a tree trunk: If an untethered dog approaches, stand still and don’t move. Be like a tree. When a dog knocks someone over, or the person happens to fall during a dog attack, it’s wise to curl into a ball, cover the face and be completely still like a rock. Don’t move and the dog will likely lose interest.

What should you do if you or your child is attacked by a dog at a friend’s house?

In the event of a dog attack that happens at someone’s home, it may be possible to pursue financial compensation relating to the dog attack injuries from the homeowner. In fact, homeowners’ insurance might cover injuries and damages. If you or your loved one was attacked by a dog, be sure to investigate your legal rights and options as a dog attack victim.



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