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Motorcyclist in area killed by alleged drunk driver

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A recent car accident in the San Diego area, which police involved drunk, or possibly drugged, driving, left a motorcyclist dead.

According to local police, the accident happened close to an intersection in the evening hours. The driver of a passenger vehicle, whom police later arrested after investigating the accident, decided to turn left in to the oncoming traffic lane. Apparently, the driver did not see that the motorcyclist was coming from the opposite direction and therefore struck the motorcycle in the course of the turn, throwing the motorcyclist off the bike and on to the top of another car.

While witnesses and authorities tried to help the motorcyclist, he tragically died at the scene of the crash. Although police are still investigating the accident, they have given a preliminary indication that drugs or alcohol were contributing factors in the crash. The driver of the passenger car is facing charges of driving under the influence, although certainly additional criminal charges are possible.

In addition to criminal penalties, the driver of the passenger car could be facing a wrongful death cause of action from the family of the motorcyclist. The family has, after all, lost a loved one who may well have been a breadwinner; judging by the results of the police’s investigation to this point, this tragedy was unnecessary and preventable.

What this means is that, because of someone else’s apparent negligence, a family not only has to pay final medical bills and funeral expenses, they also may be left figuring out how to move on both financially and emotionally, all because someone else made a bad decision to drive either drunk or drugged.

As with most fatal car accidents involving drunk drivers, the family should be compensated for their loss. However, getting adequate compensation is not always an easy task for a variety of reasons, and the assistance of a an experienced wrongful death and car accident attorney in San Diego can therefore prove helpful.

Source: Fox 5, “DUI suspect arrested in fatal motorcycle crash,” Nov. 28, 2017.



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