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After a ladder fall, a victim will need experienced counsel

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

A previous post on this blog gave San Diego construction workers some important pointers on how to avoid falling from a ladder. The post also reminded workers that if they should fall while on the job, they should file for workers’ compensation benefits.

This is all true, and our law office has the experience and knowledge to help a victim file his or her claim for workers’ compensation. The goal of doing so would be to collect payments that would reimburse medical bills and would also cover part of the victim’s lost wages.

Although it is supposed to be a relatively easy system to use, the workers’ compensation system in California is still full of legal complexities and pitfalls, and what seems like a simple enough claim can easily get contentious for a lot of reasons.

Perhaps more importantly, the victim of a ladder fall should remember that, even if there are ways to prevent taking a spill from a ladder, that doesn’t mean the fall is the worker’s fault. There can be many reasons why a person falls from a ladder, one of the most obvious being that the ladder had a bad design or simply broke in that particular instance.

Our office investigates these sorts of circumstances very carefully because we believe it may open the door for our clients to pursue compensation from another business besides his or her employer, for example, the manufacturer of the ladder that failed. Being able to pursue compensation from another source is an advantage to our clients since they can potentially get compensation above and beyond what they would get from workers’ compensation.



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