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We represent a variety of professions in work comp claims

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

As a previous post on this blog discussed, while construction worker in San Diego are exposed to a lot of dangers at work, so are workers in many other professions, including professions one might not immediately think of as dangerous, such as food service or the medical profession.

No matter what one’s profession is, however, an injured worker in California is still going to need help getting back on his or her feet. The worker will likely need to have medical bills and expenses covered, and, if they have to be out of work to recover for any length of time, they will need coverage for their loss wages. These are the sorts of things workers’ compensation is meant to provide, no matter what one’s line of work is.

Our law office represents San Diego residents who are in a variety of careers and who find themselves in need of workers’ compensation benefits. For instance, we can help even office workers in California get benefits for progressive conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Likewise, we help nurses, food service workers and others who aren’t in notoriously dangerous jobs get the benefits they deserve when they do get hurt, which, as our previous post discussed, happens quite a bit more often than what one might think.

Workers who are going through the workers’ compensation have something in common in that they are expected to navigate through a complicated legal system where not everyone is acting in the best interest of the worker. This is why our office stands ready to help all injured workers both in the San Diego area and other parts of California.



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