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Car accidents in construction zones

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Previous posts on this blog have shared information with San Diego residents about the so-called “Fatal Four” types of construction accidents. However, if someone looks at the statistics carefully, one should really call the “Fatal Four” the “Fatal Five,” as many deaths, over 300 annually if one adds up the numbers, result from motor vehicle accidents in a construction zone.

These accidents can involve any number of circumstances. Some of them occur because motorists are prone to speeding through California construction zones without paying attention to the construction crews who are working around them, often disregarding warning signs and traffic rules in the process.

When this happens, construction workers are put at greater risk being seriously hurt or killed. Those who are out in the open controlling traffic or otherwise working are obviously at risk, but so are even those workers who are in their own vehicles or equipment.

According to statistics, while the major cause of work-related deaths in highway construction zones is workers getting hit by vehicles, vehicle-on-vehicle collisions are also all too common. While many of these incidents involve other construction vehicles, many do not and presumably involve motorists passing through the construction zone.

As we have reported before, victims of construction accidents have a number of legal options when it comes to pursuing compensation. Like other states, California offers a workers’ compensation program. While this is often a quicker and easier way of getting compensation, it does not always cover all of an injured worker’s or family’s expenses and damages.

A lot of times after a car accident, the worker or the worker’s family will also have the option of pursuing the negligent driver for additional damages. However, doing so can raise a lot of complicated legal questions.



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