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We can help hold dog owners strictly liable for bites

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Dog Bites |

A previous post on this blog discussed how, under California law, dog owners are strictly liable to pay compensation if their animal bites another person. While this certainly helps injured San Diego residents get compensation for their losses, it does not make a dog attack case easy, particularly if the owner or the owner’s insurance company wants to deny responsibility.

At our law office, we see our role as helping our clients get the most compensation to which they are legally entitled, even in the face of those who would rather fight than pay what they owe, whether because they are concerned about the ultimate bottom line or for some other reason.

One of our first tasks is to remind the dog owner and his or her insurer, whether at the negotiation table or in front of a judge, that California law in most cases squarely puts the responsibility for a dog attack on the owner of the dog. In other words, we don’t back down or let someone insinuate that its partially our client’s fault for the attack when such is not the case.

Standing firm on our client’s legal rights is just one of the steps we have extensive experience taking on behalf of our clients, though. We also know ow to convince the right people of the proper and full value of our clients’ claims. While this is sometimes a relatively straightforward process, as in the case of medical bills, we have also helped our clients get what they deserve for the psychological trauma, lost wages and physical disfigurement that often come in the wake of a significant dog attack.



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