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Delivery driver killed in San Diego accident

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A driver for a major delivery company died at the scene of a car accident in the San Diego area that involved his semi and a smaller passenger vehicle. In what might strike some as rare, the passengers in the smaller vehicle, a family with four children, all survived the crash without suffering any physical injuries.

The accident happened during the daylight hours. The mother of the family was driving, and police were not sure of her exact speed. However, she did try to pass the delivery vehicle on the right as opposed to go around to the left. For some reason, the woman’s attempt to pass the truck went horribly wrong, and both vehicles spun.

While the family’s car hit the railing of the bridge and wound up in the left lane of the road, the truck went through some bridge railing and landed on its side on a nearby street, killing the driver. Police are still investigating the cause of this accident, but they have apparently ruled out alcohol or drugs as a possible cause.

Several lessons can be learned from this tragedy. For one, it is important to remember that not all car accidents involving large trucks are necessary the truck driver’s fault. While liability is not yet certain in this case, the woman involved in this accident did pass on the right. When truckers get injured by another motorist, they have the same right to pursue compensation from a negligent driver just the same as an other Californian.

Another point to remember is that since this trucker was apparently on the clock for his employer when he died, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to his family to help them deal financially with his death.

Source: Fox 5, “Collision kills FedEX driver, leaves family of 6 unscathed,” Abby Gibb and Christy Simeral, Sept. 26, 2017.



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