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These statistics show the likelihood of injury by month

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No matter what season it is, it’s hazardous to work in construction. In 2013, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics looked into how many people were injured at work each month to identify the most dangerous months of the year for workers.

Interestingly, the estimates total in the thousands each month, but none are too far off from the others. For example, In January and February, there were 3,097.2 and 3,119 injuries each day, respectively.

What kinds of injuries do people suffer during the year?

Many workers suffer from sprains, strains and tears. These injuries make up around 40.4 percent of all injuries that happen on the job. Other common injuries include fractures at 7.8 percent of all injuries and soreness or pain at 9.3 percent.

In the majority of cases, the injuries lasted more than 11 days, resulting in lost work time and delays. Injuries resulting in 11 days or more of recovery made up 43.6 percent of the data set. Those that took only one to two days of recovery were the second most common injuries. These make up around 25.7 percent of the injuries seen on the job.

What kinds of injuries vary by the month of the year?

The types of injuries are spread out fairly evenly across all times of the year, but there is a slight variance. For instance, you’re more likely to suffer from a fracture in February than in March with a difference of .33. Soreness and pain are more likely in the coldest parts of winter, January and February, as well as the hottest months of summer, June and July. Perhaps most interesting is the difference in tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. These cases made up only happened at a rate of .41 per 10,000 workers in December, whereas they happen at a rate of 1.52 per 10,000 in January.

Regardless of when you get hurt, you can seek out the workers’ compensation you need to get the medical care necessary. These statistics can help you watch out for the common injuries you may face during each time of the year.



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