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Supplemental job displacement benefits for injured workers

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Ideally, an individual who is injured on the job will be able to recover workers’ compensation benefits to help them make ends meet while they recover. The whole idea behind the program is to help injured workers obtain the medical care they need so that they can get back to work. But what happens when an individual who has been cleared to return to work is no longer offered their position?

The workers’ compensation system in California allows for the awarding of supplemental job displacement benefits, which could help individuals in this position. Under the law, these benefits can be given to individuals who prove that they have suffered a permanent partial disability and their employer has not offered them regular or modified work within 60 days of being cleared by their doctor to return to work.

The benefit is meant to help workers educate and retrain themselves so that they can find other employment. Under the program, individuals are able to redeem up to $6,000, which is broken down on how it can be used. For example, $1,000 can be used to purchase a computer and related equipment, $600 may be used to pay for the assistance of agencies that work on job placement and resume preparation, and other funds can be used to pay for tuition and related fees.

Of course, as helpful as these benefits can be, not all individuals who apply are awarded them. Those who believe they have been wrongly denied this benefit, as well as those who want to learn more about it, can consult the law or a legal professional who can help walk them through the various workers’ compensation programs so that they can take full advantage of what is offered.



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