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Inured on the job? Skilled attorneys may be of assistance

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

No matter how safe one feels at work, it only takes the blink of an eye for something to happen to leave one seriously injured. This occurs whether due to a repetitive stress injury, slip-and-fall, car accident or some other type of workplace accident.

One could be left with not only extensive physical pain, but also significant financial losses. One’s medical expenses can quickly skyrocket, especially if they need multiple surgeries, medication, rehabilitation and the time one takes off from work can leave them without adequate income.

The good news is that one may have options to recover their financial losses. As we have discussed previously on this blog, workers’ compensation benefits can provide significant relief, but only once benefits are successfully obtained and maintained for as long as it takes to get one back on their feet and back to work. As surprising as it may sound, this is not always easy, as many initial claims are denied and appeals of those denials are unsuccessful.

Yet, to possibly increase one’s chances of success on their claim one may want to consider discussing their case with an attorney who is experienced at handling workers’ compensation cases. Such a legal professional, like those at Bender & Gritz, know how to anticipate administrative law judges’ moves, meaning that we can custom tailor our clients’ cases to hopefully avoid giving these judges a reason to deny a claim.

Of course, every case is unique, and no specific outcome can be guaranteed. However, when seeking help form a legal professional, one should carefully consider a firm’s reputation for zealous advocacy and success. We believe our firm excels in both of those arenas, and therefore, invite those reading this to learn more about our firm through our website.



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