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What should I do if a pack of dogs attacks?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2017 | Dog Bites |

Some of the most serious incidents of dog bites involve situations in which more than one dog attacks at the same time. Dogs, after all, are pack animals, and they are most effective at attacking when they act together as a pack. Whereas the worst one dog in a pack might do is inflict a minor injury, the pack of dogs can seriously hurt or even kill a person.

In a certain sense, it is already too late to prevent all injuries once a pack of aggressive dogs has approached. However, the best thing to do in such a situation is not to panic, as that often signals to the dogs that their aggression is paying off and is therefore worth escalating.

Another important tip in the event of an attack is not to let any members of the pack go behind you. Dogs, like wolves, will be instinct encircle their target, which makes it easier for the dogs to carry out an effective and dangerous attack.

Also, reading the non-verbal cues a dog gives immediately prior to striking may enable a person to deflect that dog’s blow. Finally, it is important to focus on the dog with the most excitement first, since removing that dog from the fight may wind up breaking up the pack.

The best way to prevent a pack of dogs from attacking is to anticipate that possibility ahead of time and prepare accordingly. If you are walking with your dog, for instance, it is important that your dog does not give off the impression that it is willing to be aggressive toward the other dogs in the neighborhood. Also, your dog will likely tip you off that there are other dogs in the area before you notice them.

A person going on a walk should have treats, dog repellant, and a stick or some other object that they can place between themselves and any aggressive dogs. It is also good idea to be aware of one’s walking path and anticipate where one can run if a quick escape is needed.

Although there are things San Diego residents can do in order to prevent dog bites, it is ultimately a dog owner’s responsibility to keep their animals from hurting others. If they fail in this responsibility, they may have to pay compensation to the victims of their dogs.



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