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The compensation we fight for in construction site accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Construction workers in the San Diego area have dangerous jobs. Any construction site is full of hazards and risks, such as scaffolding, retaining walls, heavy equipment and a lot of foot traffic as people move from place to place to get the job done. Other construction sites present special risks. For example, workers on high buildings risk falling and highway construction workers risk getting hit by passing cars.

A construction worker who gets hurt on the job will need a lot of financial help, particular if he or she is the breadwinner of his or her family. Health insurance may not cover all of the medical bills after the accident. In particular, a high deductible plan can leave a worker in thousands of dollars in debt, even if insurance foots most of the bill.

Furthermore, a worker may need ongoing therapy and help getting back on his or her feet physically after an accident, and this need may go on long after the worker gets released from the hospital.

Perhaps at the forefront of a California family’s mind, if the construction worker was the primary wage earner and had an accident, then the family will need another source of income to make up for the lost wages, as the worker’s sick and vacation time will eventually run out, and there is no requirement that a company pay for short term disability.

California companies do, however, have an obligation to pay for medical bills, some lost wages and other rehabilitation expenses when their employees get hurt via workers’ compensation. Our law office, with its experience in workers’ compensation claims, work hard to makes sure workers get all the compensation the law entitles them to. That way, they can feel secure financially as they focus on their recovery.

Although workers’ compensation does not cover pain and suffering damages, our office can also identify if there are other at fault parties for the accident who may be held liable to pay this type of compensation.



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