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Representing injured workers in appeals

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

When a worker in the San Diego area gets hurt on the job, he or she is almost inevitably going to want the ensuring workers’ compensation claim process to go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The very purpose of workers’ compensation in California is, after all, to get injured workers compensation for their medical bills and lost wages and to do so quickly.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible since an employer or the employer’s insurance company may wind up denying a worker’s claim for benefits or may offer payments much lower than what the worker is really entitled to. Even if this is not a bad faith technique to avoid making payments, it is still frustrating for a worker who both needs and deserves benefits.

As this blog may have mentioned before, California does have a formal process that a worker must follow if he or she wants to appeal an adverse workers’ compensation decision, such as an outright claim denial or an error in determining the amount of payments.

However, when going through an appeal, it may be a good idea for a worker to have an experienced California workers’ compensation law firm on his or her side in order to advocate for his or her interests. Appeals have lots of legal rules and procedures that, for someone who isn’t familiar with them, can turn in to legal traps.

Moreover, by the time an appeal gets filed, either an employer or an insurance company has already made a decision, and it may take some strong an intelligent advocacy in order to get those who made that decision to change their minds.



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