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Area car accident claims 1 life, leaves 2 more injured

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A car accident in El Cajon, California, a suburb of San Diego, left one person dead and two more being hospitalized for their injuries. The young man who died was a passenger in one of the vehicles involved in the collision.

According to authorities, one of the drivers, a young woman, for some reason let her car slowly cross the centerline of the road, which had two-way traffic. As a result, her vehicle smashed head on in to an oncoming pickup truck. The accident happened in the very early morning hours.

In addition to the man who died at the scene of the accident, both drivers had to be taken to nearby hospitals for treatment following the accident. While a police officer described the parties’ injuries as “moderate,” both drivers are expected to survive this incident. Both drivers were reported to be in “stable’ condition.

The accident is still being investigated, as police have not indicated whether this accident was related to alcohol and drug use. However, as with most car accidents of this nature, it is likely that the accident investigation will ultimately lay responsibility on one of the drivers, as head-on collision do not just simply happen by pure chance.

What is clear from this incident, though, is that one person lost his life and two others have suffered significant injuries that could put them out of work for weeks or even months, depending on the nature of the injury involved. Once responsibility for this accident gets determined, therefore, the negligent party may be held responsible to pay compensation to both the other injured party and the family of the person who died.

Source: Fox 5, “Passenger killed, 2 drivers injured in head-on crash,” May 5, 2017



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