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An RSD diagnosis may mean you need workers’ compensation help

On Behalf of | May 26, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Many workers in the San Diego area may have not even heard of “RSD,” or reflex sympathetic dystrophy, but those who do suffer from this condition will likely not forget it.

RSD is also called CRPS, which is short for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Basically, the symptoms include a burning sensation which can be excruciatingly painful, as well as spasms and the loss of the ability to use the affected muscles. Swelling or changes in the coloration of skin are also symptoms.

Although RSD is a complicated medical condition, briefly, its causes include things like surgeries, infections and heart attacks, all of which are not necessarily related to a construction accident or other workplace incident. However, other cases of RSD are caused by some sort of physical injury whether that injury is caused over time or as the result of a single incident. If RSD is left untreated, it can cause more serious medical conditions and can spread. In the most serious cases, a person can lose his or her limb.

Although a serious condition, RSD can be a hard condition to collect workers’ compensation for. As with other injuries in which “pain” is a symptom, many doctors, particularly those who work on behalf of companies who are facing workers’ compensation claims, may write the condition off as someone simply complaining about soreness.

RSD is any easily confused, and therefore misdiagnosed, medical condition that even doctors who are acting in the best of faith can miss. Moreover, it can be difficult to trace the cause of the condition. As a result, someone who suspects he or she has RSD because of his or her work at a California construction site may want to consider getting the help of a workers’ compensation attorney.

In this respect, our law office has successfully represented RSD patients in getting benefits and has connections with doctors who specialize in RSD and can run the right tests to diagnose the condition accurately and help understand the cause of the condition.



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