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When tragedy strikes at work, we can help

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

A previous post on this blog described a tragic construction site accident that happened in the San Diego area and which left one worker injured and another one dead. This type of accident, which involved the collapse of a wall, are not uncommon and, in fact, are often mentioned as a serious workplace hazard that construction crews frequently face.

When a construction worker dies on the job, it leaves their family emotionally devastated by the sudden loss. Even if it is not the family’s foremost thought, the untimely death also is likely to leave a family with significant financial trouble. The family is without an income, and there are going to be medical and funeral bills that also need to be paid.

As this blog has mentioned, California has a worker’s compensation system which a worker’s family can use to get help with the deceased worker’s bills. Worker’s compensation also replaces a portion of the construction worker’s lost income. Our law office helps grieving families get through the workers’ compensation system successfully. However, many families will find that, even though they are getting the most benefits they can from worker’s compensation, they still come up financially short.

In these sorts of situations, our office does not simply give up on the possibility of getting full compensation but will look to other sources. For instance, if the construction worker’s death is the responsibility of some third party, like the manufacturer of a defective product or a passing automobile, then we can help the family prepare a wrongful death suit in order to secure additional compensation.



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