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How a workers’ compensation attorney can help you

| Mar 22, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Although the California workers’ compensation system was, in theory, designed to help injured workers in San Diego and around the state to get benefits reliably and efficiently, it probably comes as no surprise that employers and those who represent them try to pay out as little as possible in terms of benefits and will use legal means to accomplish that purpose.

Having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side when you have a claim can be a way of balancing out the inequities. For instance, one of the first steps our law office takes when handling a new workers’ compensation case is doing what we can to get our client evaluated by a medical professional who is not affiliated with or recommended by the employer or the employer’s insurance company. This second opinion can be crucial both in getting a claim accepted and getting the correct amount of benefits.

In addition to making sure our clients are given a fair medical evaluation after getting sick or hurt while on the job, we also help our clients get through the workers’ compensation system which, especially for people who haven’t been through it before, can come across as complicated and a little intimidating.

Furthermore, although we always hope a case can get settled for a fair and adequate amount of compensation, sometimes it is necessary to take a case to trial before a court or administrative board. In such cases, we are prepared to act aggressively and with determination in order to help our clients in Southern California get the compensation they need and deserve.



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