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An attorney can advocate for injuries arising from dog bites

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Dogs are widely considered as man’s best friend. Not only are they popular pets but also act as our guardians against individuals with malicious intent. Despite their adorable perception, a dog is also susceptible to unpredictable behavior in the company of large crowds. While some are accustomed to the constant friendly petting from guests, some do not welcome such behavior but instead exhibit aggressive actions.

When a dog bites you, your first instinct would be to seek first aid. Afterward, it is essential to know whether the canine exhibited aggressive behavior before the incident. Only when you have understood the basic concepts about dog aggression can you approach an attorney to seek adequate representation.

Pit bulls and Rottweilers are the most vicious canines with the highest frequency of dog bites sustained by victims. In most cases, dogs are known to exhibit various types of aggression before scarring an individual or causing a fatal wound in the worst case scenario. The most common aggression triggers entail food, predatory instincts, strangers and social anxiety. Alternatively, dog bites can also be attributed to territory protection, personal defense and pain. As a victim, you must watch out for any signs of aggressive behavior on dogs and instruct your loved ones to do the same.

Several signs of aggressions will inform you that a canine is volatile and can bite you in the worst case scenario and cause disfigurement. Instances precipitated by snarling, jawing, dog barking, nipping and lunging should warn you of impending danger. As the aggressive behavior carries on, the dog will eventually bite you if you do not flee in time.

Once a dog bites you and the cause was not premeditated, do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer to defend your rights aggressively and expedite the dissemination of financial compensation. In San Diego, California animal owners are held liable for the actions committed by their individual animals. In such a case, a dog owner is obliged by law to compensate an aggrieved victim upon issuance of a verdict by the Court.

When you hire a prominent San Diego personal injury lawyer, you are assured of various services tailored to meet your individual needs. They will work hand-in-hand with various experts to determine an accurate estimation of compensation payable due to the victim’s pain and suffering and the exact value of wages lost due to time off work.



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