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How Construction Accidents Contribute To Wrongful Death Cases

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

The provision of a safe working environment has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years in the U.S. In San Diego, employers are obliged to uphold the safety of their workers at all times in the execution of tasks. This essentially means providing personal protective equipment, implementing adequate training policies and complying with safety procedures to the letter. Such guidelines have become a necessity especially within construction sites characterized by catastrophic hazards.


Negligence by an employer can be attributed as the leading cause of wrongful death experienced at various construction sites. This primarily refers to the loss of life in an accident mainly due to professional negligence exhibited by a co-worker or employer in certain situations. In most cases, a fatal accident mainly occurs when faulty equipment are placed into the hands of trained employees. Despite their safe appearance, defective equipment can unexpectedly produce adverse effects to the detriment of its user. A case study of wrongful death witnessed at a construction site reveals a chronological set of mishaps conducted at the workplace.

Two employees under the supervision of a superintendent succumbed to death while executing their daily tasks on a construction site. Based on an eyewitness account, the two workers slipped while inspecting a cable attached to a crane. It is purported that the crane unexpectedly moved while duo discharged their daily tasks on a rig-hoisted platform. From an eighty feet height, the workers? chances of survival in such an ordeal were extremely low. After an in-depth investigation, crucial evidence singled out faulty equipment as leading cause of the fatal accident.

An additional inquiry also exposed a series of violations committed on site including an oil leak in the hydraulic system, unmarked controls on the crane and a larger D-ring in the rigging device. Had such violations been identified and rectified, the two compatriots would be alive and kicking to date. In such a case, the employer should shoulder the responsibility for failing to verify the safety of each tool in use.A wrongful death can unexpectedly alter a family in more ways than you can imagine. If the victim were a breadwinner, the family would undoubtedly resort to alternative means of survival.

If you intend on pursuing a wrongful death claim based on negligence, don?t hesitate to contact an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney to justify your legal grounds to seek compensation.




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