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February 2017 Archives

Workers' Compensation claims are undermined by strict provisions

Workers? compensation is mandated by federal and state law (in all 50 states). The idea is that you can receive compensation shortly after getting injured on the job, to ensure that your medical bills are covered and that you can maintain a steady income until you can return to work. But some states allow companies to opt out of state regulated plans if they have an alternative plan. This post will go over the dangers in these plans and how you can deal with them.

How Construction Accidents Contribute To Wrongful Death Cases

The provision of a safe working environment has become a hot topic of discussion in recent years in the U.S. In San Diego, employers are obliged to uphold the safety of their workers at all times in the execution of tasks. This essentially means providing personal protective equipment, implementing adequate training policies and complying with safety procedures to the letter. Such guidelines have become a necessity especially within construction sites characterized by catastrophic hazards.

An in-depth look at workers' compensation, Part 1

Workers' compensation is a relatively recent development. It was pioneered a century ago by California as a way to bring down litigation costs for workers and employers. It was then copied in some way by ever state in the Union. Workers' compensation is now the standard system to protect and cover employee's medical expenses and lost wages while they recover from injuries sustained at work.

An overview of construction workers' accidents

Project managers and owners in San Diego are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, which comes in handy in the aftermath of construction accidents. Injuries that are considered to be compensable under workers’ compensation are those that can be clearly connected to your employment condition or requirement.

Will CA deny workers' compensation over legal marijuana use?

Workers' compensation exists to protect workers in the United States from losing their income and health due to a workplace accident or work-caused illness. In order to prevent fraud or abuse of the system, certain rules and regulations are in place to govern what kind of injuries deserve claims, how long people have to make claims and what, if any, circumstances would preclude a person from collecting on a claim.

An In-Depth Review of Construction Workers' Accidents

Accidents are common at construction sites. Such disasters pose a great risk to construction workers. There are varied and numerous causes of injuries that result from construction accidents. Some are obvious and easy to spot while others are obscure and thus take long to be noticed. If you are involved in a construction workers’ accident, it is advisable to seek compensation.

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