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Silicosis due to working conditions

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Workplace injuries can be a hassle for employers because employees might need time off work. If the injury was caused due to the employer’s negligence, they might have to pay for treatment of the injured employee. Injuries are easy to deal with because employees might be able to return to their previous position. However, occupational diseases are an effect of adverse working conditions, but the results are far worse than injuries. Occupational diseases have a long-term effect and might cause severe issues for the employer.

In most cases, occupational diseases are caused by toxic chemicals and toxins. People working in the construction industry might face occupational diseases because they work in unsafe environments. Occupational illnesses are often long term and do not show symptoms till a few months or years. The One of these dangerous diseases is silicosis. It is very common in the construction industry. This is because construction workers spend a lot of time in contact with silica dust, which may cause lung diseases. These workers also face dangerous diseases like tuberculosis.

Silica dust is usually found at construction sites because it is an important part of concrete, sandstone and rock abrasives. Workers that perform important tasks like grinding, painting and power tools might face serious occupational injuries. It is important for employers to make sure all safety equipment is provided. Safety equipment can help protect workers from dangerous toxins.

If you have suffered from occupational diseases because of your workplace environment, you might be eligible for compensation. You employer could be held responsible for your medical expenses as well as further compensation. It is ideal to contact an experienced attorney who can file a complaint for you.



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