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Dealing with dog bites

| Nov 29, 2016 | Dog Bites |

Dogs are the most popular pets in the world, however, they have the potential to attack. This means someone could be seriously injured and may require expensive medical care. This could result in injury and lost wages. In the worst cases, this could even lead to death. The question here is whether the owner knew that the dog was prone to attacking or not.

The dog owner is responsible for the dog’s actions and behavior. Many states have dog bite laws which consider the owner to be liable for any such situations regardless of whether the owner is at fault in terms of getting the animal vaccinated or whether the animal has a history of being violent in the past. In some states, laws regarding dog bites are not as strict and the victim has to prove that the animal was capable of vicious propensities and that the dog owner knew about it.

The injured has to make an effort to find out past records or previous complaints brought to the owner. If the owner is neglecting the complaint, he or she will be held liable for the irresponsible behavior.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a dog, you can consult a personal injury attorney for available legal options. It is best to consult an attorney as soon as the incident has taken place because there are time limits around filing the lawsuit. Having a knowledgeable attorney by your side may help you receive the best possible compensation for your injury.



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