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Woman arrested in California after pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Thanks to witnesses who reacted quickly, a woman who tried to flee the scene of an accident will now be facing charges. The elderly woman involved has been charged after causing the pedestrian accident that left turmoil behind on the California street. She was allegedly impaired at the time of the crash.

The accident occurred late afternoon on a Saturday. A 72-year-old woman was driving an SUV. A teenager, 15 years old, was pushing a stroller with a 15-month-old baby inside. As the teenager was in the crosswalk, the SUV came along and struck both the teen and the baby.

The baby was severely injured in the accident. That child was reported to be on life support. The teenager pushing the stroller suffered injuries and needed medical care also. Witnesses attempted to stop the elderly driver from fleeing the scene, and she was arrested for DUI.

The woman behind the wheel during this pedestrian accident is facing felony criminal charges and was booked with bail of $100,000. Aside from the criminal action taken against her, the woman may also face civil legal consequences due to the aftermath of this accident. The family of the infant and the family of the teenager may have the option to pursue civil action against the driver. That civil action in a California court can be one option for recouping monetary losses suffered due to this incident. Those monetary losses can include medical expenses and also a calculation of the pain and suffering imposed on the families due to the actions of another.

Source:, “72-Year-Old Driver Arrested for DUI After Hitting Teen, Baby“, Whitney Irick, Sept. 3, 2016



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