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Man fleeing police in California causes deadly bike accident

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents |

A man who was trying to flee from police who were trying to serve a warrant has led to deadly consequences for an innocent bicyclist. The man who fled authorities caused a bike accident on the California street. The bicyclist who lost his life as a result was 62 years old.

The tragic incident started when police showed up to a home because of a domestic violence warrant that needed to be served. They then saw the 37-year-old exit the house and flee the area in his car. As police tried to follow the man, he wrecked into the bicyclist and left that accident scene. He then hit a van, left the vehicle and tried to run off on foot.

The man who was behind the wheel and caused the melee was apprehended in a nearby shed where he was hiding since fleeing his vehicle. The bicyclist he hit was rushed to a medical center for treatment of injuries. However, he died from those injuries although specifics about the exact injuries were not reported.

The man faces criminal consequences related to the warrant and fleeing the scene as well as causing the deadly bike accident. The family of the bicyclist who died may have legal options of which they may be unaware. One option may be to file a wrongful death in a California civil court. This may help that family deal with the financial toll the accident has taken in addition to the emotional pain and suffering that has afflicted their family after losing a loved one so tragically.

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