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California truck accident engulfs vehicle in flames

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

California highways are often congested with traffic. Every motorist is obligated to act with caution and adhere to traffic laws for the safety of all who share the roads. Any number of things can cause a car or truck accident. All too often, one of the reasons is driver negligence.

Recently, traffic on Highway 50 slowed to a complete standstill. It was late afternoon, and a two-vehicle collision brought traffic flow to a halt. A tractor-trailer and another truck collided on the road. It is amazing no one was killed considering what happened next.

When the huge rig and the other vehicle collided, the truck soon became engulfed in blazing flames. Later, authorities said that at least 15 gallons of fuel of spewed onto the highway. California Highway Patrol officers and the Sacramento Metro Fire Department responded to the horrific scene.

What is most amazing about the recent two-vehicle collision is that there were no fatalities, and the one person who was injured did not suffer any life-threatening harm. When a truck accident occurs on a busy highway, the outcome is often much more grim. In fact, many people in California have lost loved ones due to driver negligence, drunk drivers and other circumstances. Even when injuries suffered are minor, recovering victims are often faced with mounting medical bills and other expenses for which they may not be prepared to pay. By filing personal injury claims in civil court, many injured victims have been able to obtain monetary recovery of their losses, which could then be used to help alleviate costs associated with their accidents.

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