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A construction site accident can be costly and complicated

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Employees put a lot of faith in the hands of employers when it comes to ensuring a workplace is safe. Part of that measure of safety and avoidance of any construction site accident incidents rests on the employer and the following of regulations and safety standards. Despite those regulations and safety standards, there are times when a construction site accident occurs in California, and workers may need guidance and support when it comes to deciding what to do next.

First and foremost, any worker should be sure to get comprehensive medical care immediately. Workers’ compensation should cover the cost of that care. However, there are times when that compensation does not cover all of the cost. There may also be times when another party, not just the employer and their insurance company, has partial liability in an accident. A third-party claim may be filed in those cases to ensure full compensation is obtained.

Some workers may wonder just what compensation is needed and what expenses may be included. Hospital bills should most certainly be taken care of with compensation. But, an injured worker may also have to deal with future medical needs, such as rehabilitation and therapies, and compensation should be awarded to cover those expenses as well. Pain and suffering may be assigned a value, and lost income can also be recovered.

The complexities of a third-party claim and what all compensation should cover can be overwhelming and confusing for a worker who has never had to deal with such issues. Any construction site accident can be life-changing and can happen to any worker in California despite best efforts to ensure a safe workplace. When that accident occurs, knowledge and protection can be invaluable. Our website has more information about these types of accidents and what workers can expect.



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