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For a novice or pro, a bike accident can be devastating

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents |

Riding a bike along the road, in a bike lane or park should be a safe adventure or mode of transportation as there are laws and protections in place to keep bicyclists safe. However, despite those laws and protections, those who ride recreationally or as a main mode of transportation or for sport can be the victim of a costly bike accident due to a number of situations or unfortunate events. Bicyclists in California who are injured because of the actions of another may benefit from understanding the causes and potential costs of a bike accident and the aftereffects that can impact a bicyclist long-term.

One common cause of a bike accident is distracted driving. Distractions such as texting drivers or drivers who do not fully stop at stop signs can easily lead to devastating injuries. Also, intoxicated drivers who come into contact with a bicyclist can lead to horrible injuries and costly damage.

Once a cause is determined and if a driver is found liable for any of the above reasons, the cost to the bicyclist can be estimated. That cost can naturally include medical bills due to injuries sustained. The bills or financial losses might not end there. Lost wages due to doctor appointments or on-going treatment can also add up, as can pain and suffering and expensive rehabilitative services.

Each bike accident victim may have his or her own financial strain resulting from an accident that isn’t his or her fault. Those costs can prove taxing on every level, not just financially. A person’s ability to work again and enjoy activities that were once loved may all be at stake and may need to be addressed if civil action in a California court is pursued. Our firm has more information online about bike accident victims’ rights and options for legal action if negligence is proved.



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