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Dog bite victims may need financial compensation in California

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2016 | Dog Bites |

Being the victim of an attack or bite from a dog can result in devastating injuries and so much more. There may be medical bills to deal with and other forms of financial loss through no fault of the dog bite victim. Because of all that may be at stake, anyone who is the victim of a dog bite in California may benefit from understanding the types of compensation available and under which circumstances that compensation may be warranted.

First of all, unless there was expressed provocation involved, the owner of the dog is legally liable for the injuries that the dog may have caused. A civil case can involve individuals who can calculate the amount of medical bills incurred by the victim. There may be future medical costs to consider, such as surgeries, on-going therapies and psychological help as well.

The medical costs may be one part of the picture and only one aspect of the type of financial compensation which may be available to a victim. A victim’s pain and suffering can be assigned a monetary value after a case is investigated and explored by experts in the field. Lost wages because a victim needed to miss work to attend medical appointments or during treatment may also be included in a compensation amount.

The amount of financial compensation a dog bite victim may be eligible to receive if that victim pursues a civil case in California can vary greatly depending on the details of the situation. Experts in the field will take the time to discover the unique aspects of each case and assess what a victim’s rights are and what kind of compensation may be appropriate and necessary to make a full recovery. Our firm has more information online about dog bite victim rights and possible compensation for those victims.



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