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A California bicycle accident can be costly

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents |

Riding a bicycle should be a safe and fun mode of transportation for anyone. Unfortunately, a bicycle accident can occur at any time and can leave California bicyclists with injuries and mounting medical bills through no fault of their own. When a cyclist has been hit by a car on the road, sidewalk or a trail, the bicycle accident victim may be able to seek compensation by pursuing a claim in civil court.

The cause of the accident can help determine whether grounds exist for a claim of liability. There are a few common causes of most vehicle versus bicycle accidents. Intoxicated drivers and those who use their cell phones to text or engage in other distracting behavior are responsible for a significant number of these types of accidents.

A bicyclist can rack up medical bills from initial treatment after an accident. Also, ongoing or follow-up care can add significantly to those medical bills. Moreover, lost wages due to missed time from work can impact the victim’s family financially.

Being the victim of a bicycle accident can result in feelings of uncertainty about recovery, job loss and other monetary consequences that may be out of the victim’s hands. In California, pursuing a claim in a civil court may be an option that can help alleviate that uncertainty and ultimately ensure a victim is fairly compensated. Our firm has more information online about the potential cost of a bicycle accident and what victims may be able to do if they wish to pursue claims for financial relief.



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