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Woman in California causes fatal accident

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

A woman was allegedly under the influence when she caused a gruesome and deadly accident on the street as she was behind the wheel. The fatal accident took place on a Monday morning along the California roadway. After hitting the man, the driver continued to drive home for close to a mile with his body embedded in the car.

The incident unfolded after what was described as a night of partying and a trip home. The driver hit the man with such force his leg was ripped off from the rest of his body and that leg landed on the truck area of the car. The rest of the man’s body was impaled through the windshield and his head was on the passenger seat.

The driver kept driving close to a mile until she was close to home. Her husband called authorities after she got home. The victim died at the scene. It was unclear if he was on the road or the sidewalk at the time he was hit as he was walking to or from a soup kitchen.

After any criminal consequences possibly unfold for this woman, the family of the man who died in this fatal accident may have legal options they may wish to pursue. One option may be to pursue a wrongful death suit in a California civil court. In cases that are successful, the families of individuals who lose their lives at the hands of reckless or negligent individuals may receive monetary compensation which could prove useful as that family may be saddled with medical bills, lost wages or funeral costs after a loved one dies unexpectedly.

Source:, “Police: California woman drove for almost a mile with man’s body lodged in windshield, severed leg on trunk“, June 28, 2016



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