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Others step in to help dog bite victim in California

| Jul 13, 2016 | Dog Bites |

One man’s desire to give a dog water has ended in tragedy. The incident led to the man becoming a dog bite victim, and unfortunately, the dog had to be euthanized. Afterwards, a microchip identified the dog as a former law enforcement dog in California.

The dog attack incident began when a 20-year-old man noticed the dog was wandering around and decided to give it water. After the dog drank from the water bowl the man offered, it then attacked the man. The animal also dragged him into the street. Witnesses attempted to hit and kick the dog to get the dog off the man, but they had to resort to stabbing it with steak knives so that it would let the man go.

The victim needed to be hospitalized for injuries sustained by the dog, although details of the injuries were not immediately reported. An officer with animal control eventually located the dog lying in the front yard of a home, and a microchip revealed the dog was once a K9 member. It was unclear who presently owned the dog or if it was a stray.

If an owner is found, that owner may find him or herself legally liable for the injuries suffered by the dog bite victim. In California, the injured party may pursue legal action in a civil court after a dog bite incident leads to injuries. That legal action can end in the awarding of monetary damages if successful as that victim may ultimately end up with medical bills, lost wages or other monetary losses as a result of the dog bite attack.

Source:, “Retired Police Dog Euthanized After Biting, Dragging Man“, Jonathan Lloyd, July 4, 2016



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