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A costly pedestrian accident can result from a lot of situations

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Walking along any roadway can be risky, but when California drivers are following the rules of the road, it helps reduce that risk. Unfortunately, drivers do not always adhere to traffic laws, and pedestrians can pay the price. When a pedestrian accident does occur, it is important for pedestrians to understand whether or not the driver who hit them bears any liability and what kind of financial issues may arise when medical help is needed.

First of all, an accident can happen for any reason, but there are a few common causes that are worth noting and can lead to liability on the part of the driver. Texting while driving is a problem in a lot of areas that can easily lead to a devastating accident that results in injuries. Intoxicated drivers and distracted drivers in general are behind a great number of pedestrian accidents.

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, that pedestrian can easily endure injuries that not only require initial treatment but on-going care. This can lead to extensive medical bills. Lost wages can also cause economic hardship for pedestrians who are unable to return to work quickly. Pain and suffering may linger for years and affect a pedestrian in untold ways.

Legal support can mean the difference between fully recovering and moving forward or dealing with the devastation for years to come. Any pedestrian accident can lead to an unpredictable result for the victim and the victim’s family. Our firm has more information about options a pedestrian may have for legal action if an accident has occurred in California.



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