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A construction site accident can be costly in California

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

There is no doubt about the inherent dangers involved in any kind of construction job. Whether one is working on a major project in California or a small home renovation, there is always the chance of a construction site accident. While the industry is highly regulated and there are countless safety laws in place to protect construction workers in California, an accident can occur and leave a worker with a huge financial burden in addition to any long-term physical effects. This is why it is vital that anyone injured in an accident on site knows the process of getting compensation and what legal options may be available if workers’ compensation is not enough.

While compensation from an employer’s insurance company will help and ensure immediate medical attention, complications after that initial care can arise. This is when it may be necessary to pursue a personal injury case against a company. A third party claim may also be in order if the construction company was not the only party at fault for an accident.

The funds that may be required to fully recover can be staggering and unexpected. For example, the cost of on-going care or rehabilitation therapies may not even be fully known when an initial workers’ compensation claim is handled. Also, the cost of pain and suffering may be addressed in a civil suit.

The need for compensation after a construction site accident can be overwhelming and worrisome as a worker is unsure if he or she will be able to return to work or fully recover. No one in California should have to worry about finances and the cost of future treatment after an injury at work. Our firm has more information about worker’s compensation and personal injury situations and exactly what injured workers may be up against.



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