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Many factors can lead to pedestrian accident injuries

| Apr 8, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Being a pedestrian is not typically reason enough for fear or trepidation, especially when that pedestrian is following the law or the rules of the road. However, there are many common factors that can increase the likelihood that a pedestrian in California can fall victim to an accident. When pedestrian accident injuries occur for any of the following reasons, victims might have cause to pursue civil action against the negligent parties.

Despite being in a crosswalk or obeying the rules of the road for pedestrians, some pedestrians are put at risk by drivers who are committing a few common mistakes. Not coming to a complete stop can lead to injuries that can necessitate medical attention, even if the accident occurs at a low-rate of speed. The very design of the street may also be the cause of accident injuries.

Certain factors and behaviors on the part of drivers can result in injuries and possible criminal action against that driver. A driver who hit a pedestrian and then is found to be intoxicated can face civil and criminal action. Texting while driving can also lead to a traffic citation and civil action if a pedestrian is injured.

When someone suffers pedestrian accident injuries, that victim may have to deal with medical bills, lost wages or perhaps permanent disability that prevents him or her from ever returning to work. If a driver in California is found to have acted negligently and injuries result, that driver may be held accountable if the victim pursues a personal injury suit. A successful suit can lead to the awarding of monetary damages that can help victims pay for medical bills or recoup other financial losses. Our website has more information about pedestrian accident injuries and what course of action a victim in California may be able to take.



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