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Dog bite victims in California have rights and legal options

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Dog Bites |

Any kind of animal bite should be taken seriously. People may not realize the pain, suffering and costs associated with being the victim of a dog bite. Those in California who are victims of dog bites deserve to know their rights and understand that compensation may be needed in order to move forward with their lives after they heal.

A dog bite to the hands, face or other body parts can leave devastating injuries and scars. Disfigurement can affect every aspect of a victim’s life and possibly career. These possible life-altering effects can be particularly troubling for a younger victim.

After a dog bite victim has sought the necessary medical care, the full scope of the cost of treatment and financial aftermath must be calculated. This can include the current and future medical bills for received and on-going treatment. Also, any lost wages suffered must be calculated, and the victim’s pain and suffering can be assigned a dollar value.

Once a dog bite occurs, the victim and victim’s family may be solely focused on treatment and medical needs. Afterwards, the financial impact can come rushing to the forefront and require immediate attention in the form of legal action. This is when skilled and experienced legal support can be not only useful but also necessary, as a victim and his or her family need to understand both their options and the legal system as it pertains to victims’ rights in California. Our firm has information about dog bite injuries and the rights of those who have fallen victim to those injuries.



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