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Bicycle accident injuries in California caused by various factors

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bike accidents are a frequent occurrence, but that does not mean a bike accident is the fault of the bicyclist. In fact, many bicycle accident injuries are the result of negligence on the part of a vehicle driver. California bicyclists who are impacted by an accident can find help and protect their rights to ensure fair treatment and a fair settlement if those injuries have had an economic impact on them.

While the accident can happen for any reason, several reckless behaviors can increase the chances of an accident between a bicyclist and a motorist. Distracted driving is one very serious behavior that can lead to disaster and injuries. This can include texting while driving.

Serious negligence or criminal behavior can also lead to an accident between a bicycle and a car. This can include intoxicated drivers on the road who hit bicyclists. Also, not coming to a complete stop can lead to a traffic citation and result in an accident that leads to injuries.

Bicycle accident injuries can leave a bicyclist in need of medical attention. That medical attention can naturally lead to high medical bills, costly on-going care, lost wages and other financial losses as a bicyclist recovers. In California, a bicyclist can pursue action in a civil court as a means of recouping some or all of those financial losses when someone else’s negligence has caused an accident. Our firm has more information online about what rights bicyclists have and what kinds of behavior can warrant legal action.



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