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A wrongful death suit can result from a variety of causes

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Wrongful Death |

A civil claim of any kind can take time, involve emotional upheaval and be a way of recovering compensation in the aftermath of an accident. When the situation involves a death and a wrongful death suit is being considered, the scope of the emotional and financial impact of such a loss can be overwhelming, yet the process can be extremely necessary for those left behind. A wrongful death suit in California can be an option for those who have lost a loved one to any cause.

An accident is one way in which the negligence or recklessness of another can cause the loss of life. However, the term “accident” includes much more than merely car accidents. It can include truck accidents, railroad accidents, aviation accidents and boating accidents.

A wrongful death suit can come about after other types of accidents — not just those which involve vehicles. Workplace accidents can be deadly, especially in dangerous fields, such as construction. Medical situations can lead to wrongful death claims, such as in cases involving surgical errors. Slip-and-fall scenarios that take lives may also warrant wrongful death suits.

The situations that can lead to wrongful death suits in California can encompass more scenarios than families may initially realize. A civil suit against a responsible party or entity can be one way to garner compensation that is necessary for a family to recover from the devastation of funeral costs, lost wages or other financial losses it has suffered. Our website has more information about the situations that may lead to wrongful death suits and what California families may expect as they try to move forward with such suits after devastating losses.



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