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Sightseeing bus causes pedestrian and bike accident injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Bicycle Accidents |

A double-decker bus crash caused chaos on the streets, and an investigation into the crash has just been wrapped up. The bus crash, which led to bus passenger, vehicle passenger, pedestrian and bike accident injuries, appears to have been caused by speed on the California streets. In all, the bus hit 12 other vehicles and left 19 people with varying degrees of injuries.

The accident occurred months ago, but an intensive investigation needed to be done to refute claims by the driver at the wheel of the double-decker sightseeing bus. The 53-year-old driver has been cited for speeding, even though he claimed the accident occurred due to a mechanical issue with the bus. Investigators did not concur with his version.

The bus hit a bicyclist first, then ran into barricades. The bus struck several other vehicles, hit scaffolding and also a pole. Once the bus stopped, there were six people with life-threatening injuries. The scene was described as chaos by those who responded and attempted to help the injured.

The investigation revealing the cause of the accident can be of benefit to those who suffered pedestrian and bike accident injuries in this incident, along with those who were injured on the bus and in other vehicles. The injured parties may be able to seek monetary damages in a California civil court. If successful, those damages may help all of the victims handle medical bills, lost wages and any other financial losses suffered as a result of being hit by the sightseeing tour bus.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Driver was speeding in San Francisco’s double-deck tour bus crash, police say“, Veronica Rocha, March 23, 2016



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