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Pedestrian accident in California injures one and takes a life

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Although it may be unusual, one person was allegedly responsible for hitting two different pedestrians. The multiple pedestrian accident took the life of one and injured the other. The pedestrian accident occurred at a California intersection.

It was a Saturday night when a vehicle came along as it traveled west and hit a man who was crossing the street. That man was reported to be in his 50s. The vehicle then hit another person. That victim was in his 30s. The vehicle then fled the scene.

The man who was in his 50s died from the injuries he sustained. The other victim was transported to a hospital in San Francisco and had injuries that were reported to be non-life threatening. The police are still investigating the incident and have asked any eyewitnesses to come forward with any information because they do not yet have a description of the driver or the vehicle involved.

Once the driver responsible is identified by authorities, that driver may face criminal charges related to the hit and run pedestrian accident. However, there are other legal avenues the victim and the family of the deceased victim may have in a California civil court. If the family of the deceased pedestrian chooses to pursue a wrongful death suit and the injured victim pursues a personal injury suit, both may possibly lead to the awarding of monetary damages. For both parties involved, a monetary settlement may help alleviate any financial strain both parties may have suffered after the accident.

Source:, “Tenderloin Hit-And-Run Leaves One Dead, One Hospitalized“, Joe Kukura, March 13, 2016



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