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Deadly truck accident unfolds on California highway

| Mar 2, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

The reactions of a truck driver on the highway and the ensuing events afterwards caused a crash that led to the deaths of two people. The truck accident happened on a stretch of California highway. It involved two semi-tractor trailers and another vehicle.

Around 9:25 a.m., a tractor trailer was headed down the road with a flatbed full of lemons attached. A passenger vehicle came along that was in the path of the truck. The driver of the truck, a 49-year-old man, swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting the vehicle. Despite his evasive actions, the two vehicles made contact, which caused the truck to cross into traffic and collide head-on with another tractor trailer.

The truck with lemons overturned, and that driver needed medical attention for moderate injuries. The driver of the passenger vehicle the truck was trying to avoid and the driver of the truck that was hit head-on were both killed in the collision. Those drivers were 21 years old and 58 years old, respectively.

The three-vehicle truck accident may need further investigation by authorities to pinpoint any fault or liability. If the driver of the passenger vehicle is deemed at fault, the truck driver who lost his life as well as the injured truck driver may have legal options that will require careful examination and explanation from a legal professional. If the flatbed truck driver is deemed to have been at fault, the families of the deceased victims can file a wrongful death claim against him and his employer. In California, a successful personal injury case or wrongful death claim can be a beneficial way for families and victims to move forward and handle the financial ramifications of the accident.

Source:, “Santa Paula man injured in double-fatal Highway 126 crash near Castaic“, Feb. 23, 2016



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