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A third-party claim may be needed after work injury

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

Laws and regulations are in place to protect workers on the job. Safety standards must be met and compensation benefits are typically available if a work injury occurs. Some California workers who do get injured on the job can benefit from a third-party claim as a means of maximizing the compensation needed to recover from that work injury, depending on the nature of the situation.

Workers’ compensation is, of course, a crucial benefit after an injury because a worker may have to deal with medical bills and lost wages. Many workers may not realize that comp benefits may only cover a portion of their wages, though the payments are not considered income for tax purposes. Also, financial relief for pain and suffering cannot be pursued through workers’ compensation, unlike a third-party claim.

Knowing the benefits of pursuing a third-party claim is one thing, but knowing exactly what situation can justify it is another. An example of a third-party situation can be one where a construction worker falls and gets injured due to a safety restraint issue. If the maintenance of the restraints was not done properly by a subcontractor responsible for them, then that may justify a third-party claim.

The ins and outs of benefits and compensation related to a work injury can be complicated. Workers in California may find a work injury can impact their future in untold ways, making legal action necessary to ensure fairness and justice. Our firm has specific information about work injury situations and the laws pertaining to workers’ compensation and third-party claims.



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