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A dog bite injury can be costly for a California victim

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Dog Bites |

A dog bite can be a life-changing incident, particularly for a young victim or a victim who suffers serious injuries. When a person is the victim of a dog bite injury in California, that person has certain legal rights and protections. In addition, he or she may want a clear picture of his or her options related to both the physical and financial damage the dog bite has caused. 

A dog bite injury can certainly lead to medical bills, as treatment may be required for a victim to heal properly and ensure rabies or any other illnesses are not factors. Related medical bills can really add up if there is a need for on-going treatment, such as physical therapy or post-surgical care. If a victim needs to take time off work to seek medical attention or go to multiple doctor appointments, the financial losses can really impact a victim’s life.

When psychological damage has occurred, a victim may have no choice but to seek counseling in order to move forward from the incident in hopes of leading a normal life again. A young victim may require counseling to deal with fear and any kind of trauma caused by a disfiguring dog bite. The pain and suffering a victim may incur can be assigned a monetary value, as can other types of damages.

When a dog bite injury has impacted a victim or a family, a civil suit may prove to be an effective way to recoup financial losses and gain compensation for costly psychological damage. The laws pertaining to the responsibility of dog owners in California are pretty clear. If you feel a dog owner is legally responsible for a dog bite injury or if you are unsure of an owner’s liability in a given situation, our website has clear information that may help you decide the best course of action.



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