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I provoked a dog and was bitten, can I still be compensated?

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2015 | Dog Bites |

In California, the courts hold animal owners accountable for their pet’s behavior and, in kind, animal owners are responsible for protecting their pet from being put into a situation that could allow it to harm someone else. This means that even if a pet attacks a person who is antagonizing the pet, the owner could still face the real risk of being held accountable. There is typically a cap to compensation in situations where an animal reacted to provocation. However, it is very rare that a pet owner is not held legally and financially accountable for an injury caused by the person’s pet when authorities are notified.

If you were attacked by an animal, even if it was restrained and even if you were teasing the animal or exciting it, you may still be eligible for financial compensation. If the pet owner knew of the animal’s propensity toward harm and did not exercise due diligence in restricting the animal, the pet owner could also be held criminally liable.

Consulting a California dog bite attorney could be beneficial in your receiving the maximum allowable compensation after a dog bite. A knowledgeable attorney will take into consideration much more than just your medical bills. Other factors can be assigned a monetary value when the causation can be attributed to the dog’s bite. Did you miss any work? Will you have follow-up exams or surgeries? Did you experience lingering pain and suffering? Was the trauma ongoing even after the incident? In other words, did the dog bite leave an emotional scar in addition to the physical wound?

Answering yes to these questions can equate to your being owed a greater sum of money. Perhaps the only way to put the horror of the situation behind you is to put it in the capable hands of an attorney with your best interests at heart.



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