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Child passenger dies in rollover accident

| Dec 27, 2015 | Wrongful Death |

It is never easy to lose a loved one, but it is particularly difficult to accept the death of a child who has not yet had the chance to experience so much that life has to offer. There is no way to make sense of the suffering and the tragedy. Children are still so full of unjaded hope and magic and imagination, and for that sparkle to disappear leaves a vast aching darkness upon the hearts of those who cherished the little one.

Tragically, as families approach Christmas this year, a child’s life was taken due to a rollover accident in the early morning hours on a rural road heading out from San Diego. The driver was a 25-year-old woman, and her two passengers were the 3-year-old child and a 6-year-old. Both the driver and the older child suffered major injuries, but the youngest passenger was killed as the vehicle left the roadway and overturned.

The California Highway Patrol and the coroner are working to determine causation. The driver’s relationship to the victim has not been released. According to the CHP, the woman driving has not been cited. It was not stated whether or not she may be facing a citation in the days ahead. However, all three were wearing seatbelts and had to be released from the vehicle using cutting equipment.

Nothing can prepare a person for such a senseless loss. If you have experienced such a tragedy and don’t know where to turn, a California attorney knowledgeable in wrongful death cases may be of great assistance. An attorney will know how and what to file regarding a wrongful death claim. He or she can assist you in seeking out the remuneration necessary to cover costly funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of income and the ongoing pain and suffering you are left with.

Source: Fox 5 San Diego, “Girl, 3, killed in rollover crash,” Dec. 12, 2015



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