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Semi-truck strikes multiple cars, 1 person seriously injured

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

While the following story may be nearly a month old, it still illustrates some important points about road safety and semi-trucks. The crash in question occurred in Riverside, California and involved numerous vehicles.

The truck accident started because of, you guessed it, a semi-truck. The driver suddenly lost control and the vehicle went careening into the center divide on a freeway. According to an official at the scene, there were “six to seven” vehicles involved in the wreck, though exact details are a little unclear. What is know is that the semi-truck eventually ended up on top of one vehicle, and the person in that crushed vehicle suffered serious injuries. They were eventually freed from the vehicle and taken to a nearby hospital.

The same official at the scene also mentioned that the truck driver may have been distracted, though the comment was not substantiated.

This story highlights two key elements of truck accidents. The first is the potential distraction of the driver. Distracted driving is terrible in any context, but it is especially bad when this behavior is performed by someone operating a large and powerful vehicle. Truck drivers need to be as safe as possible, and using a cellphone or fiddling with the radio increases their chances of causing an accident — an accident, mind you, that could change someone’s life forever.

The other element here is the number of vehicles involved in the wreck. You will often hear of truck accidents involving numerous vehicles, and this can be a nightmare to sort out. Insurance companies will be involved, and the victims may need legal help to deal with all of the insurance complications that could arise.

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