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Construction workers can suffer terrible scaffolding injuries

| Nov 4, 2015 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

It goes without saying that construction sites are dangerous places, and yet here we are saying just that. People who work in construction have to be brave, because when they are on a construction site, there are many things that could go wrong and end up dealing them a serious and life-changing injury. Heavy machinery could go haywire; equipment could be improperly operated; and dangerous materials could cause severe harm to workers.

And those are just three examples of potential dangers on a construction site. There are also the extreme heights that many construction workers have to scale while they are on the job. In this regard, scaffolding plays a huge role not only in allowing the workers to complete their job, but to also perform it in a somewhat-safe manner.

Unfortunately, not all scaffolding is set up equally. Some contractors do a shoddy job setting up the scaffolding, or they don’t provide critical pieces of safety equipment to people up on the scaffolding. As a result, people who fall are highly likely to suffer serious or catastrophic injuries.

There are many rules and regulations that apply to the use and implementation of scaffolding. If a construction site or contractor is in violation of these rules and regulations, they can be held liable by someone injured as a result of the scaffolding.

If you are a construction worker and you have been injured as a result of scaffolding, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure your case is thoroughly investigated.

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