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SUV strikes and kills 55-year-old pedestrian, questions remain

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Pedestrian Accidents |

A tragic pedestrian accident in Point Loma left a 55-year-old dead and many people wondering why the accident happened. It appears that the pedestrian may have been at fault.

The man started to cross the street of a busy intersection while traffic was still moving. A 17-year-old girl driving an SUV struck and killed the pedestrian. The 17-year-old stayed at the scene after the accident, and there is no indication of wrongdoing on her part at the moment. The police are investigating the fatal accident.

The article makes it seem like the pedestrian may have intentionally done what he did — or, at the very least, the article casts doubt on why the pedestrian was in the road in the first place.

There are a couple of lessons to learn from this story. The first is that, even though the actions of the pedestrian in this particular case are in doubt, pedestrians are still very vulnerable out on the road and they have to be protected. Drivers need to pay special attention at intersections for people walking around, otherwise they risk causing a serious accident that is likely to involve severe injuries for the pedestrian.

The other lesson here is the investigation that the police can launch after an accident. This investigation is always important, as it will reveal what happened in the accident and it can point towards who was liable for the wreck. The victims of the wreck could then use the result of the investigation to file civil litigation against the responsible parties.

Source: KUSI, “Pedestrian struck and killed by vehicle in Point Loma,” Oct. 28, 2015



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