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Follow these steps after you are bitten by an animal

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Dog Bites |

Let’s say that you get bit by a dog or some other animal. The owner of the dog or animal certainly seems like a nice person, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the animal is properly trained, or even that the owner is a responsible pet owner. Here’s the question: what steps should you follow in the wake of the animal attack?

First things first, you should go get medical care to treat your injury. Dog bites and other animal bites can deal the victim serious injuries that require professional medical attention. In addition, it is possible that the bite could afflict you with certain diseases or illnesses. You need to get medical treatment immediately. Not only will the treatment speed up your recovery, but it will also leave a record of your medical treatment, which could be used should you file a civil claim against the owner of the animal.

After you have been treated for the dog bite, you can consult with an attorney, and the two of you can discuss your legal options. Depending on the circumstances, numerous parties could be held liable. For example, if the animal is owned by a minor, then the parents of that owner could be held liable.

Property owners and landlords are also potentially liable, as are animal keepers if they fail to do their job. Should you file suit — and should your case be successful — your claim could help you pay for medical costs, pain and suffering and even lost wages as a result of the injuries.

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